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Full Service Reels

Full Service Reels

$ 200.00

What happens when you opt to do a Full Service Reel?

1) Actor receives a 60 min. consultation to laser in on what the student wants for the scene. Coach and actor pick material and make a plan.

2) ASOOC coordinates and schedules locations and crew, while the actor prepares the scene.

3) Crew and actor shoot on a scheduled day for roughly 4 hours! Professional equipment: camera, lighting and sound, are all included.

4) ASOOC editors edit the scene and do basic color correction. Our sound editor mixes the sound so that the quality is extremely high. Music is added when needed.

5) Within a week, the actor receives a fully produced scene! If more editing is needed, additional costs may be added.

1. Coaching. You can add 2 60 minute sessions for just $200 (regular value is $220)
2. Location costs. We will do our best to furnish locations that are free, however if it is desired to do a more specific location, there is the possibility that renting the space will incur an extra fee. There is no telling what that could be, anywhere between $100-600. This is always at the discretion of the actor.
3. Additional Editing Needs. Every scene will be edited professionally and will include sound editing. Should the actor desire additional editing beyond the included editing services, our editors will need to be paid on an hourly basis. Again, this is at the actor's discretion.

Important Note: Once you purchase the Full Service Reel, there are no refunds. Scheduling is based on the availability of the actor and ASOOC staff and crew. For full service reels, ASOOC is able to meet on virtually any day that works best for the logistics of the production and crew. Please communicate your time constraint needs as soon and as clearly as possible so that ASOOC can do the best job possible in the time frame you need!

Our Private Coaching Policies apply for Full Service Reels: We have a 48 Hour Cancelation Policy for all scheduled sessions and shoots.

If the scheduled shoot is cancelled with less than 48 hour notice, the Full Service Package must be purchased again in order to complete the project.

Please allow up to 48 hours for our staff to schedule a session. If you are looking for something sooner than that, please give us a call at 714-258-6213. If you are booking on a weekend,  your schedule will be finalized the next business day. 

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