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Private Coaching with Sonya Cooke, Owner and Head Coach at ASoOC

Private Coaching with Sonya Cooke, Owner and Head Coach at ASoOC

$ 200.00
Private Coaching with Sonya Cooke, Owner and Head Coach at ASoOC 


Private lessons are ideal for actors who are preparing a role for a film or TV project or theatrical production, looking to audition for agencies, schools or industry opportunities, or who need individualized attention in order to go deeper in the craft.

Please note: Sessions take place via Zoom.

There are no refunds or transfers.

Reservation Policy: All private sessions must be paid for prior to the session scheduled. Any session that has not been paid for within 48 hours of the scheduled slot is not confirmed and may be given away to another student who is looking to book with us.

48 Hour Cancellation Policy: Our teachers travel from Los Angeles in order to teach our actors. If you need to reschedule a session that has already been booked, ASOOC must be notified before 48 hours of the session. If the student must reschedule or cancel within 48 hours of the session, there are no refunds or transfers, and the student is responsible for paying for the session, if she/he has not already done so. The exception for this is medical emergency with doctor’s note or industry related work, including auditions, excluding theatre or background work.


Private sessions must be used within two years from the date of purchase. If sessions are remaining after two years, they are forfeited, and the student cannot reclaim them by refund, transfer, or otherwise.

By Appointment only. Price is per hour.

Please allow up to 48 hours for our staff to schedule a session. If you are looking for something sooner than that, please give us a call at 714-258-6213. If you are booking on a weekend,  your schedule will be finalized the next business day. 

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