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Fast Track for Advanced Actors

Fast Track for Advanced Actors

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Fast Track for Advanced Actors

One of the great advantages of training at the Actor’s Studio of Orange County is our comprehensive and highly structured system of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. The reason why we require students begin in the Beginning level before advancing is because we know that students, no matter their level of experience and training, will be unfamiliar with what we are teaching.

When an actor wishes to skip the beginning level courses: Living Truthfully, Reality of Doing, Beginning Acting on Film, or Scene Study for Beginners, they are asked to do a consultation with the studio owner and present a monologue of their choosing. After a conversation regarding past training and experience, Sonya Cooke will determine if the actor is eligible for the fast track:

 The Seven Pillars Fast Track requires that: 

1.) the student must sign up for 10 private coaching sessions with any one of our certified Pillars instructors.

2.) these sessions will cover all Seven Pillars at an expedited rate and individualized fashion. It is highly encouraged that these sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis in order for the continuity to be consistent.

3.) at the end of these sessions, the student is then eligible to audition for the Intermediate level. If he or she is not accepted, they will have the option to join other suggested courses or continue private coaching in order to prepare for the next audition period.

Please Note: We have priced our 10 session packages so that they are a good deal for the student who is opting for the fast track. In fact, tuition is significantly lower when the student does 10 sessions than it is to take 2 beginning classes and Scene Study for Beginners. However, the process is selective, based on the audition and consultation.

Read our Handbook for our full policies: 


As always, there are no returns or transfers. Tuition reserves your spot in class; all classes fill up, so this is the only way to confirm your spot. Tuition is non-refundable nor transferrable, as class is a commitment to yourself, your scene partner, your instructor and the collective. 


Attendance is a crucial aspect to the learning environment, so ASoOC takes its Attendance Policy very seriously. If you foresee an absence before the class starts, you MUST notify the studio via email ( in order to get it excused. Otherwise, unexpected absences are only excused for industry work (not including background work, auditions or theatre) and illness/injury with a doctor's note. ASoOC must be notified before class to qualify as an excused absence. Any other absence is considered unexcused and therefore unable to be made-up.


Excused absences may be made up by attending another similar class within 3 months of the absence. No other make-up arrangements or discounts will be offered.



If a payment installation is purchased, a Recurring Authorization Payment Form will be sent to customer to fill out. Complete the form and turn it in before class starts. Without the form, you will not be officially registered in the class and will not be allowed to start your training until you have done so. A $1 charge will be made in order to ensure method of payment is valid. The value will be returned back to the card after the payment goes through. The last payment will be deducted October 30th. If your installment does not go through, the account is immediately charged $20, and $20 every subsequent week that the tuition is not paid.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have sufficient funds to pay for tuition. By opting for Installment Plans, you are making a commitment to pay them as scheduled regardless of absences or attrition; it is a legally binding contract. If such a commitment cannot be made, we recommend paying for the course in full or not enrolling.

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