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Voice and Speech | Fall 20 | Saturdays, 8 Weeks

Voice and Speech | Fall 20 | Saturdays, 8 Weeks

$ 164.50

Voice and Speech

Connect to your breath, give voice to character, and activate text with speech

Saturdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm, 8 weeks

October 17th - December 12th (skipping weekend of Thanksgiving)

Instructed by Meg Evans

Online Course

Tuition: $399 or 2 installments of $215

Add-a-class Rate: $299 or 2 installments of $164.50 (25% off for students enrolled in Fall term) 

Early Bird Rate: $370 or 2 installments of $200 

Add-a-class Early Bird Rate: $278 or 2 installments of $154 (25% off for students enrolled in Fall term - Expires Sept. 15th)

Installments due: 11/15

If you think film actors don't have to work on their voice, it'd be smart to think again! Every actor should dedicate time to work on his/her voice; it's the conduit of the soul of the character. We have found that Orange County actors, in particular, need this training, due to the vocal fry epidemic. Without a grounded, open and expressive voice, how can you communicate? In this course, students will open up their vocal instrument, learn vocal range, resonance, and speech and clarity tools. This course adapts very well to the online format. It's easier to work on speech tools, and actors can do our breath and voice work in the comfort of their own homes.

This course is required for those applying to Advanced.

Seven Pillars Acting by Sonya Cooke is required of all students taking this course. Purchase the book online.

If you want to do this course and more, opt for one of our Membership Plans to lock in the best value for your training. The more you train, the better you will act. 


Read our Handbook for our full policies:

 As always, there are no returns or transfers. Tuition reserves your spot in class; all classes fill up, so this is the only way to confirm your spot. Tuition is non-refundable nor transferrable, as class is a commitment to yourself, your scene partner, your instructor and the collective. 
 If an installment is purchased, a Recurring Authorization Payment Form will be part of the in person paperwork we will need completed. If you sign up over the phone, the form will be sent to you. Complete the form and turn it in before class starts. Without the form, you will not be officially registered in the class and will not be allowed to start your training until you have done so. A $1 charge will be made in order to ensure method of payment is valid. The value will be returned back to the card after the payment goes through. The last payment will be deducted November 15th. 
By opting for Installment Plans, you are making a commitment to pay them as scheduled regardless of absences or attrition; it is a legally binding contract. If such a commitment cannot be made, we recommend paying for the course in full or not enrolling. 
All health related absences will be excused, with or without a doctors note. Our nonrefundable tuition policy will stand; however, if you are unable to complete the course due to illness, we are willing to transfer tuition to another class in the following semester. If you are concerned about attending class in person, we will offer online attendance (via video call.) *This attendance policy is temporary, going into effect as of Winter 2020 semester. This policy is subject to change. 
Excused absences may be made up by attending another similar class within 3 months of the absence. No other make-up arrangements or discounts will be offered.

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