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Making Your Own Work: Filming and Editing with Ryan Mekenian | IN PERSON | Industry Workshop | Fall 21

Making Your Own Work: Filming and Editing with Ryan Mekenian | IN PERSON | Industry Workshop | Fall 21

$ 45.00

Instructed by Ryan Mekenian

Sunday, November 14th



Industry professionals are always encouraging actors to go out and "make their own work," but often understanding where to start or how to shoot and edit is daunting! That's where Ryan Mekenian steps in. As an established writer/director, Ryan is a pro at all things film. In this workshop, Ryan will be going over all the need-to-know materials for creating your own work, including what equipment to have and the basics of setting up lights and sound. He'll also be giving an introductory look at how to edit, so that you can learn how to get your project finalized and ready to show on a budget. Learn how to get your project off the ground with this valuable workshop! 

To learn more about Ryan Mekenian, click HERE!


For this workshop, no preparation is required. It is recommended to bring paper and pen so that you may take notes if needed.

Rate for all 5 Workshops is $330, Workshop Pass is $270

Student Rate* for all 5 Workshops is $240, Workshop Pass

 is $195!

*Student Rate means that the student is enrolled in a Fall Semester course at ASOOC

All workshops are sold a la carte, but those who get the Industry Workshop Pass lock in their spot in these coveted workshops while also getting the best value.

If you want to do this course and more, opt for one of our Membership Plans to lock in the best value for your training. The more you train, the better you will act. 


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