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1. When you sign up for a class, you are making a commitment to training. And we honor your commitment by reserving that spot in class for you alone. Therefore, we have No Refund or Transfer Policy, which means that once you pay for the class, you cannot receive your money back or transfer it to another class or future semester. Without this policy, we cannot offer courses dependably and ensure a high quality of training. Therefore, we remind all students to triple check their schedules and keep this policy in mind if they ever want to skip class or drop out of the course. Your financial commitment will help see you through the entire course, as you know you will lose the value you spent if you do not.

2. Installment Plans: Our policy above holds true for those on an installment plan, as well. From the time you register for the course, you are financially obligated to uphold the terms of the installment plan by making the scheduled payment through automatic transactions in a timely manner, regardless of absence or attrition. Remember that the reason for this is that your spot in class was reserved for you and not given to someone else who would have completed their installments. Without this financial commitment, the school cannot safely program teachers to teach or offer courses. It is crucial through and through!

3. Authorization Forms: If you are on the installment plan, you must fill out an authorization form for automatic deductions before class starts. If you have not filled out the authorization form, you may lose your spot in the class. Once received, your installment(s) will be scheduled for automatic transfer on the scheduled dates. The studio will run a $1 test to ensure that all automatic transfers are good to go. If your debit or credit card information changes before a transaction goes through, you are obligated to notify the studio so the correct information can be updated. Under no circumstances does the studio allow for installments without an authorization form on file. If you are unable to provide the form by the time class starts, the remainder of tuition will be due.

4. Automatic Transactions: If your installment payment does not go through on the scheduled dates, you will be automatically charged an additional $20. For every week the installment is not paid, you will be charged another $20. If your installment is not paid, you forfeit your ability to participate in class or ask questions. You may also lose your ability to opt for Installment Plans in the future.



We encourage 100% attendance to all classes because we cannot teach you and you cannot learn if you are not here. Also, if you miss class, you may miss out on crucial information needed for the continuity of the course. What is worse is when your poor attendance affects others who are trying to do their work. All that being said, we hope you will make a full commitment to the course you are registered for. Our attendance policy lays out what happens when a student must miss class.

1. In the event that a student must miss a class, an absence may be counted as excused for 1) medical emergencies with a doctor’s note or 2) for industry related work (background work and auditions not included. We excuse auditions for daytime classes only.) For an absence to be excused, the instructor must be notified before the beginning of class. If an absence does not fit these guidelines, it is marked unexcused and cannot be made up. No exceptions allowed. Being ill does not count as an excused absence unless there is some form of doctor's note.

2. Make-ups: If an absence qualifies as excused, students may make up the class by attending another class other than the one the student regularly attends. Make-ups are valid for three months. The student must submit the information to qualify for a make-up, and from there the student must schedule with the school when he or she would like to attend another class. The studio will assist with scheduling the make-up, but if the student fails to attend the scheduled make-up, the studio will no longer assist with scheduling. The student will simply need to notify the studio when he/she will attend a class for the make-up.

3. No Roll-Overs or Refunds: Absences will not be made up by rolling over enrollment to subsequent months. Nor is any tuition refunded due to absences of any sort.

4. Advanced Planning of Absence: If a student knows in advance about a schedule conflict with the class and would like to skip a week or two during his/her training, the ASoOC office must be notified before the 1st class. Then it is marked as “excused” and can be made up.

5. Absence and Advancing: If a student in the Beginning Level has more than 2 absences (excused or not) he or she is not allowed to audition for advanced levels in the next semester. If a student in the Intermediate or Advanced Levels has more than 2 absences (excused or not) he or she loses his/her spot in the class and will have to reaudition to rejoin. This policy applies for Fall, Winter, and Spring Semesters.

6. Absence and Advancing in Summer Semester: Being only 8 weeks, summer semester is a short course. If a student in the Beginning Level has more than 1 absence (excused or not) he or she is not allowed to audition for advanced levels in the next semester. If a student in the Intermediate or Advanced Levels has more than 1 absence (excused or not) he or she loses his/her spot in the class and will have to reaudition to rejoin.

7. The Attendance Policy for the Summer Camps and Intensives is different from the standard policy of the studio. Due to the unique nature and limited schedule of all camp programming, make-ups are not allowed. Therefore, if a student misses any time in the camp he registered for, there is no way for the time to be made up, nor can tuition be transferred or refunded. This includes reasons such as student illness, medical emergency, illness or death in the family, car trouble, auditions, bookings, travel, work, etc.

8. For Beginning Level students, if you are more 30 mins late more than 2x in a semester, you cannot audition or apply for advanced levels in the next semester. For students in the intermediate or advanced levels, if students are more 30 mins late more than 2x they lose their spot in the class for future sessions and will have to re-audition.

9. Leaving Class Late: We ask that students always plan to stay for the entire duration of the course out of respect for the work, other students’ work, and the instruction of the teacher. If a Beginning Level student leaves the class early more than 2x, he/she cannot audition or apply for advanced levels in the next semester. For students in the Intermediate or Advanced Levels, if students leave early more than 2x they lose their spot in the class for future sessions and will have to re-audition.


Other Policies

1. Personal Conduct – Students must demonstrate respect for others, the teachers and staff, the equipment, and studio at all times. Absolutely no cell phone use, texting, emailing or web surfing during class. Leave your phone in your car or put it in “airplane mode.” If your phone buzzes during class, you may be asked to leave class. Always bring paper and a pen or pencil. Note taking on iPads is permissible, but the sound must be muted on the keyboard.

2. Commitment – Students must show commitment (regular practice habits, attendance, punctuality) to their classes. If you are running late or must miss a class, please contact the instructor and any scene partner in advance of class. Do not notify Nova or Sonya, as they may not be able to pass on the message to your teacher.

3. Dress Code - No unsecured facial jewelry or body jewelry will be worn in class. Please pin hair so that the face is not obstructed. No flip-flops, platform shoes, or super high heels will be worn during class. We recommend wearing pants. Wear leggings or shorts under dresses or skirts to allow for movement and floor work.

4. Personal Items -ASoOC is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. We recommend making sure you always have all your belongings at the end of class. The studio will not hold onto any belongings, props, or items.

5. Use of Studio Space – Students are welcome to use any of the classrooms as long as they are available during office hours. If you would like to utilize the office for a rehearsal space, work in the back of the room, close curtains, and leave the front clear for our staff and faculty. Limit loud conversing in the lobby during class hours, as it interferes with class. Bathrooms are accessible in the hallway outside the studio. Bathroom codes can be found on the whiteboard in the lobby. The kitchen is off-limits to students.

6. Food and Drink – Water is allowed in the classroom. Tea and coffee are only allowed if in sealed containers. Absolutely no food is allowed in the classrooms. Feel free to eat in the lobby. We have provided water in the lobby for any students and visitors.

7. Book Requirement – All students studying acting at the studio are required to purchase and have on hand Seven Pillars Acting by Sonya Cooke, as it is used inside and outside of class on a regular basis. It is an extremely useful resource for actors-in-training, as it is the manifesto for the technique and curriculum studied at the studio. Books are available for purchase at the studio, on the website, online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and in bookstores, such as Samuel French in Los Angeles.

8. Trash – Please dispose of all your personal trash in the provided trashcans, and make sure the lids are closed. To cut down on fruit flies or food scents of any kind in the classrooms, we ask that you dispose of any food or drink in the bathroom trashcans

9. Library – In our office is a library of plays, scripts, and books. There is also a file cabinet of scenes and monologues and an online database for acting material. In order to utilize the studio’s library, students must be scheduled a time to come in during office hours. Students are allowed to check out a book for a week. Students must fill out the form on the bookshelf. And if books are not returned on time, a $20 fee is due per week. If a student finds a scene in our cabinet, they can photocopy material at a cost of 25 cents per page. Students may also electronically scan or share scenes.

10. Auditing/Class Observation - New students considering enrolling in one of our classes are permitted to audit one class prior to registering for classes. We recommend parents and guardians allow their teens to audit a class on their own, as the presence of a parent may inhibit the teen. However, this is up to the parent to decide.

11. Dropping Off and Picking Up Students - Parents, drivers, and guardians are expected to pick up students under 18 promptly after class. Please contact the Studio if you anticipate a delay. Students may not be observed outside of the classroom following their scheduled class time and the studio may lock up. A fee of $20 is charged if staff or the Instructor has to wait with a student more than 15 minutes after class.

12.Recording of Classwork – Students may audio record classwork and instruction. Filming done by the students in a class, however, is not permitted.

13. Celebrating Student Successes – When students book work, sign with representation, or achieve awards or recognition in the industry, the studio would like to celebrate this news! Any such accolade may be shared with the community on the website or on social media, as it is a great source of inspiration to current and future students. If a student wishes not to have their successes shared, the studio must be notified in writing before the start of their first day of class or of the shoot.

14. As part of their training, students are expected to behave in a responsible and disciplined manner both inside the facilities and outside in the greater community, as representatives of the school. The studio reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student, without tuition refund, whose conduct or attitude is found to be unsatisfactory. The following are absolutely forbidden:

a.Physical intimidation, injury, or verbal harassment b.Emailing other students inappropriately c. Theft, destruction of studio property or property of others d.Verbal abuse or lewd, vulgar profanity e. Discrimination of any sort f.Any unwanted or unconsented physical contact between classmates g. Sexual assault, harassment or coercion h.Possession or working under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol i. Smoking or vaping on or near the premises j. Fire-arms or weapons of any kind k. Self-destructive behavior, such as cutting or physical harm l.Inappropriate use of the internet or cell phones.

b. If a student witnesses any of the above actions, he or she is asked to notify the studio immediately. Any of the above actions will be reported immediately to the owner of the studio, who will decide the appropriate disciplinary action. Penalties may include but are not limited to: dismissal from the studio, suspension from classes, referral to counseling, fines, probation, and notifying authorities.

16. Right to Refuse Service – Positive attitude, professionalism, respect, and understanding of our policies is incredibly important for ensuring a creative learning environment for all. For this reason, the studio reserves the right to remove any student from class, temporarily or permanently, without refund, due to a poor or disrespectful attitude toward teachers, policies, staff, or fellow students.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy and commitment of the Actor’s Studio of Orange County that it does not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual or gender orientation, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, or religion in administration of its education policies, admissions policies, programs or any other studio-administered programs.